Young people: Housing and homelessness – eLearning edition


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It is fair to say that the housing options of young people in Wales are limited. Young people are generally disadvantaged over other groups due to the financial/poverty gap set by legislation and that, as a group, they include a significant amount of single households.

This training course will look at the causes and consequences of homelessness for this group and their housing options from accessing emergency accommodation to securing a tenancy.

Course includes:

  • Relevant homelessness legislation, statutory duties, and the Code of Guidance and the duties owed towards young people
  • Problem solving with landlords and tenancies
  • Benefit entitlement and restrictions
  • Case studies based on our experience of working with young people across Wales

Suitable for:

This course is suitable for anyone who works with or advises young people and needs a clear understanding of young people’s housing rights and options.