Harassment, Unlawful Eviction & the RHWA – eLearning edition


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Contract holders within the private rented sector are likely to feel the greatest amount of change from the introduction of the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016. From increased protection from eviction, additional succession rights, the right to live in accommodation which is fit for human habitation and more clarity in what is to be expected from themselves as contract holders and from their landlord. The basis of these additional protections is the Standard Contract that will apply to most people who are renting in the private rented sector. However, some Community Landlords will also issue alternative forms of standard contract.

This course will provide learners with a deeper understanding of how regular and alternative standard contracts operate across the housing sector.

Unfortunately even with the introduction of the Renting Homes Wales Act; unlawful eviction is something Shelter Cymru caseworkers have to deal with on a daily basis. This Course will look at unlawful eviction under the Renting Homes Wales Act, ensuring that delegates will be equipped to be able to identify all forms of unlawful eviction.

An eviction is likely to be illegal if a landlord makes someone leave their home without getting a court order. The landlord may also be committing a criminal offence if they lock someone out of their home or change the locks. Additionally a landlord may make threats of, or use of violence which means a contract holder feels forced to leave.

The Renting Homes Wales Act has enshrined the right to quiet enjoyment within the provisions of the act; and the protections afforded by the Protection from Eviction Act 1977 are still implicit. This training will provide you with the tools necessary to be able to identify and deal with any attempt at unlawful eviction.

Course Includes:

  • Section 54 Quiet Enjoyment
  • What is Harassment?
  • What is illegal Eviction?
  • Protection from Eviction Act 1977 – Torts (Interference With Goods) Act 1977
  • Protection from Harassment Act 1997
  • The Abandonment procedure and Contract Holder rights
  • Joint Contract Holder exclusion and Contract Holder rights
  • Injunctions and Damages
  • Illegal Eviction and the HWA