Debt: Breaking the cycle – eLearning edition


Banking crises, austerity, cuts to funding and now a worldwide pandemic have taken their toll on the financial resilience of many people in Wales over the last ten years.
Household debt and financial distress in Wales was affecting more than 500,000 people before Covid-19 and since then households in Wales accounted for more than a quarter of all new UK households in debt last year.
Now more than ever, it is essential that people in debt can access up to date, practical advice and support in dealing with their debts, maximising their income and building financial resilience.
This course provides a structured introduction to the money advice process and the debt cycle. Participants will develop effective strategies for dealing with debt, provide initial support and know where and when to refer people.

Course includes:

  • Discussion of the primary causes of debt and the debt cycle
  • Explanation of the step-by-step approach to giving money advice
  • Identifying different types of debt, and how to help clients prioritise debts and manage expenditure
  • Discussion of the range of options for income maximisation
  • Strategies for dealing with different kinds of debt
  • Case studies.

Suitable for:

Housing officers dealing with income and arrears; housing/tenant support workers; social workers; new advisers who need to know about the money advice process in order to deal effectively with other problems people face; and generalist advisers who are experienced in other areas but want structured training on dealing with debt problems.