Possession Notices under the RHWA 2016

So called “No fault” notices are still a feature of the modern renting market, however the way that landlords can use these notices has changed drastically. This course will take a detailed look at the notice period that a landlord must give to a contract holder who entered a contract on or after 1 December 2022.

The course will also look at the other types of landlord notice, as well as breach of contract notices (including ASB and Non-ASB) while examining any defences that may arise even on a mandatory ground for possession.

Course Includes:
• S173 Notice (Notice Served within Periodic Phase)
• S186 Notice (Notice served within FT Phase of Contract)
• Landlord’s Break Clause Notice
• Statutory Obligations & Time Restrictions
• Alternative Standard Contracts and Landlord notices
• Breach of Contract Notices (Prohibited Conduct/ASB Grounds)
• Breach of Contract Notices (Non ASB grounds)
• Defences and Counterclaims
• Underlying Statutory Provisions
• Contractual Terms and Notices
• Prescribed Forms and relevant caselaw
• Court powers to grant possession.

This course is for People who need a deeper understanding of possession notices in practice. Housing professionals, advice agencies, people involved in developing policies around renters, local authority housing solutions officers, support workers who cover social and private sector clients.