Serious Rent Arrears and Counter – Claims under the RHWA 2016

‘Serious rent arrears’ is defined in the Renting Homes Wales Act as arrears of at least two months’ unpaid rent where rent is payable monthly, or eight weeks’ unpaid rent where rent is payable weekly. This is a mandatory ground, where the claim is made out in court.
This course will examine any defences that may arise even on a mandatory ground for possession and identify where a contract holder may have an eligible counter-claim, in terms of Fitness For Human Habitation, property disrepair, statutory obligations and compensation. Additionally this course will cover ECHR defences and review rights under s218 against public landlords.

Course Includes:
• S204(2) Court powers to dispense with statutory provisions
• S181 and s187 Serious Rent Arrears Notices
• Serious Rent Arrears – Periodic Contracts
• Serious Rent Arrears – Fixed Term Contracts
• “Substantially to the Same Effect” Caselaw
• S183 Additional Arrears
• Supplementary Terms and FFHH counterclaim
• Disrepair counterclaim
• Statutory obligations and compensation
• ECHR Defences
• Community Landlord Review procedure

This course is for People who need a deeper understanding of how the RHWA works in practice. Housing professionals, advice agencies, people involved in developing policies around renters, local authority housing solutions officers, support workers who cover social and private sector clients.