Fitness for Human Habitation

For too long, many renters in Wales have had a raw deal when it comes to their living conditions. From fears of reporting repairs, landlord failure to act on repairs, retaliatory evictions and the complexity involved in challenging disrepair, we often see people living in accommodation which is far below the reasonable standards anyone should expect in the modern world. The Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 enshrines the fitness for human habitation test into the rights of all contract holders.

This course will include:
• The Fitness for Human Habitation criteria
• The main obligations for landlords in relation to repairs
• When the obligation to repair fails to apply
• Legal remedies where obligations not met

This course is essential for:
Anyone supporting people who rent homes in Wales. Advice agencies, local authority housing officers, housing association housing officers, response repairs managers, voids teams, Environmental Health Officers, housing options teams, letting agents.

Course duration:

Full Day.