Understanding Hoarding Behaviours

Hoarding is a complicated matter with numerous causes and negative effects. Helping someone to deal with their hoarding issues relies on knowledge, patience and understanding.
This course explores the different types of hoarders and hoarding behaviours, unpicks the difference between hoarding as a mental health issue or lifestyle choice, provides risk management tips for hoarding and looks at strategies for helping hoarders.

Course Includes:
• Insight into hoarding behaviour and the reasons that some people develop tendencies
• Identifying the signs and symptoms of hoarding behaviours
• The risks associated with hoarding
• How legislation including Social Services and Wellbeing (Wales) Act 2014, Equality Act 2010 and others are relevant to hoarding behaviours
• How to report suspected cases of hoarding
This course is for:
Support workers, Tenancy Support Services, Charities who help tenants, Housing Officers, and other professionals who might come into contact with people who hoard.

Course Duration
1 Day Course