Supported Accommodation Under the RHWA – 28th Sept 2023


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The RHWA has brought in major changes to the way that supported accommodation must now be managed. The introduction of supported standard contracts into supported accommodation, will result in greater security of tenure for anyone over the age of 18 once they have been living in supported housing for 6 months.

As such it is vital that supported housing managers and their colleagues understand the obligations for supported housing providers with regards to supported standard contracts, and additional licence extension arrangements, and special powers related to mobility and temporary exclusion.

This course will include:

• Statutory Definition of “supported accommodation”
• Excluded Agreements
• The “Exceptional approach to licence extension”.
• Main features of a Supported Standard Contract
• Mobility Clause
• Temporary Exclusion and Guidance from WG
• Temporary Exclusion policies
• Temporary Exclusion Workflow
• Lessons learned Review
• Ending a Standard Supported Contract
• Prohibited Conduct
• Rent Arrears
• Interaction with the Housing Wales Act 2014

This course is essential for:

Anyone working with people in supported accommodation. Support workers, housing options staff, advice agencies.

Course duration:

Full day