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The Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016: A guide for advisors (Level 1)

Renting in Wales has changed for most landlords and tenants. The RHWA 2016 changes the language of renting, places additional demands on landlords, raises the rights of contract holders and increases protections around disrepair, retaliatory evictions and the ending of joint tenancies.

This course is essential learning for anyone working in housing, especially those who advise or support contract holders (tenants), providing a strong foundation for future learning on the Act.

This course will cover:
• Occupation Contracts
• Excluded Agreements
• Contract Terms (Fundamental, Supplemental and Additional)
• Joint contracts
• Fitness for human habitation
• Prohibited conduct
• Ending contracts
• Succession
• Abandonment

This course is essential for:
Anyone providing advice to renters in the social or private sector. Housing staff, support workers, and third sector agencies.

Course duration:

1 day.