Renting Homes (Wales) Act – In Depth

Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 in Depth (Levels 1 – 3)

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When the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 came into force, very little of the old renting regimes continued to apply to most renters and landlords in Wales. With such sweeping changes, it’s essential that you and your team have a good understanding of the changes in order to focus future learning around the parts of the Act which directly apply to you and the services you provide.
Our in-depth learning programme will cover the breadth of this ambitious piece of legislation and will be delivered across four full days of training (one day a week for four weeks).

Day one:
The first day will cover the essential aspects of the Renting Homes (Wales) Act and will provide a strong foundation for the topics being covered on the remaining three days.
• A brief exploration of the background to the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 and its journey before coming into force
• An explanation of the main changes and differences between the current system and the new regime
• A broad look at occupation contracts including an explanation of the various types of terms on which they will be built i.e. Key matters, fundamental terms, supplementary terms and additional terms
• Additional aspects of the Act which are already in force i.e. Renting Homes Amendment (Wales) Bill, Renting Homes (Fees Etc.) Wales Act 2019

Day two:
The second day will focus on secure contracts.
• The model secure contract
• Terms and penalties
• Transfers
• Succession
• Possession and secure contracts

Day three:
The third day will focus on standard contracts.
• The model standard contract
• Terms and penalties
• Introductory standard contracts
• Prohibited conduct standard contracts
• Possession and standard contracts

Day four:
The final day will cover additional aspects of the legislation which are common to both secure and standard contracts.
• Fitness for human habitation
• Joint contracts

This course is for:
People who need a deep understanding of how the RHWA works in practice. Housing professionals, advice agencies, people involved in developing policies around renters, local authority housing solutions officers, support workers who cover social and private sector clients.

Course duration:
4 x Full days across four weeks