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Converted Contracts

December 1st 2022 is a day that will change renting in Wales forever. Most landlords and tenants will be affected by the changes being brought in by the Renting Homes Wales Act 2016. Any new contracts beyond that date will be included in the RHWA regime but what about those people who are already in a tenancy on that date?
For a period of 6 months, many people who rent from private and community landlords in Wales will find themselves on a converted contract with different rules applying to them than those who are new contract holders.
This course will identify the crucial differences between the rights and responsibilities of landlords and contract holders who find themselves caught between the two regimes when this new legislation comes into force in July.

Course includes:

• Secure converted contracts
• Standard converted contracts
• Which parts of RHWA will apply to converted contracts
• How will converted contracts operate and how do they become new contracts
• Ending converted contracts

This course is for:
Anyone advising renters with active tenancy agreements on the day of conversion (1st December 2022), support workers, advice agencies, local authority housing options officers, housing association and local authority housing officers, advisors.

Course duration:

1 Day