The mechanisms for ending contracts remain very similar to those that we are currently used to. The main difference is that rather than remembering each individual ground of a s8 notice under the Housing Act 1988, we will need to remember 6 section numbers under the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016.

This list might seem intimidating but many of the sections share the same rules, and the numbers seem high because included here you will find the various restrictions on the service of notice or the issue of proceedings at court.

  • s152 – s156 Termination of occupation contracts without a possession claim
  • s157- s162 Termination of all occupation contracts – possession claims by landlord.
  • s163 – s167 termination of secure contracts (contract holder’s notice)
  • s168 – s183 Termination of periodic standard contracts
  • s184 – s186 Termination of fixed term standard contracts; landlord’s notice
  • s194 – s199 Landlord’s break-clause (within contract)*
  • s204 – Possession Claims, power of the court

*Amendments make largely redundant except for contracts of less than 2 years BUT rarely